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Hitt Ace 14ml Disposable Vape

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Hitt Ace 14ml Disposable Vape

Hittvape comes at you again with another fantastic disposable! The Hitt Ace 14ml Disposable Vape. It's rechargeable, and good for an average of 5,000 puffs! The Hitt Ace also comes in a variety of amazing flavors:

• Aloe Grapes - A delicious blend of aloe and sweet, purple grapes.
• Beary - Without naming names, it tastes like a sweet mouthful of delicious, bear-shaped gummy candy. You know the ones.
• Coco Melon - The fruity, tropical taste you can only get from mixing coconuts and melon together. Or by chopping melon into tiny pieces, putting it into a coconut and then eating the whole coconut. That would be a weird thing to do, though; maybe just vape it.
• Green Apple Ice - Tart green apple and a cool menthol follow-up are what makes this taste sensation a constant favorite among vape lovers.
• Lift Off - We're not saying it's "Red Bull flavored," or that it gives you wings, but the bull on the package is red, and if it were to grant you the gift of flight somehow, it would.

• Malibu - Three great flavors for this California-themed blend: Oranges, Pineapple, and Mango. Sit back in the sun, and vape the goodness, folks.
• Razzler - Blueberry, Raspberry, and Lemonade. It's like three different carnival drinks mixed in the same cup, and it tastes just as refreshing!
 Strawberry Cream - Not surprisingly, this flavor tastes like the dessert-y combination of strawberries and cream. Some names are pretty straight-forward.
• Strawmelon - Summer fun doesn't get more delicious than the fruity blend of watermelon and strawberries.
• Tropicali - A surprising team-up of pineapple, peach, and lemonade make for a delightful hit! It's like when three of your favorite movies do a crossover, but it turns out to be good, and not rushed. (And it doesn't have the weird plot device of two flavors' having a mother named Martha.)


• Rechargeable Battery
• 5000 Puffs Per Device


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